Leaf's Odyssey includes a full-featured level editor, allowing custom worlds to be made by players. Tower of Destiny is just the beginning. This page lists world files made by players, available to be played.

After downloading a world file, you can import it into Leaf's Odyssey by accessing the Select World screen from the main menu, selecting "Import World", and opening the world file on your local filesystem.

If you've made a world of your own and would like to submit it for inclusion on this page, or one of your worlds is already listed and you'd like to submit an update to it, please use the world submission form.

World Author Description Date Rooms Revision
Detonation Delve RedMser The Bomb Bugs just won't stop coming!
You've been tasked with finding and destroying their nesting grounds.

87 105
Fateful Intersection LAWatson There lies a tower at the intersection of the cardinal directions. They say there's a great view up top. Why not take a look?
(Difficulty Range: Hard to Extremely Hard)

54 347
Haunted Manor CooleyBrekka This world is designed to have a slightly higher difficulty than Tower of Destiny and to put more emphasis on world exploration.

Good luck!
(World version 1.0.5)

40 1808
Do No Harm RedMser Leaf heard of rumors regarding a strong source of evil that has posessed nearly all creatures in the area.
He wants to resolve this problem peacefully, no matter how hard it will be.
2024-06-10 43 54
Grin and Ferret Kieran Millar "Life isn't ferret all."

After pondering the implications of this pun, Leaf decided to solve some puzzles to cheer himself up.
2024-06-10 9 68
Candyban 1 Patashu Candyban 1 2024-06-10 1 12
A Visit to the Sky Princess Nerezza Very small romp, very few puzzles, just a bit of a little adventure. Big thanks to the devs of Explorer! 2024-06-11 17 47
Submerged Ruins CooleyBrekka This world is designed to have a higher difficulty than Tower of Destiny and to put more emphasis on world exploration, featuring secrets and meta-puzzles.

Good luck!
(World version 1.0.1)

18 797
Trip to Slumari v1.0 Emmanating Leaf received an unsigned letter inviting
them to Slumari, a not too distant island.

Curious about its sender and mysterious nature,
Leaf has decided to take a little vacation
for themself and investigate!
2024-07-13 95 738
Chimera Lab jonat Leaf discovers a mysterious lab and decides to explore it, not knowing what horrors await within...

This is a very short world with only a few puzzle rooms. It also features a special boss monster at the end.

WARNING: This world uses some strange interactions that may be considered bugs.

8 14